I’m a guy passionate about technology, who has studied everything about operating systems and their architectures since I was 10 years old, I have few friends in the technology area and mostly foreigners, which allowed me to acquire knowledge in several languages ​​and also respect the culture and country , I currently study programming with a group of university colleagues and also foreign colleagues in open source projects, curiosity and anger are what they define, especially anger at those who do bad things, I created this blog not with the intention of becoming known until because I don’t give a damn about it, but to record it so that it can be useful to someone someday, here you will see software reverse engineering (Androis, IOS, Linux, Unix, and anything else) and also reverse engineering hardware (how to make glitches in ATMs (joke this is not cool), but let’s learn how to make glitches to read and understand other people’s firmware), and any Another thing I wanted to study and share with you, I sincerely hope you can be my colleague and comment useful things 🙂

Well, since you’re here, see the following ways to exchange an idea with me:





Discord server:

I don’t have time to create and manage this yet, but keep an eye out soon I’ll create a server 🙂
My Discord is Keowu#4122


I don’t use crap, I’ll wait for Elon Musk to clean the social network of idiots first.

You can contact me using the following languages: English, Portuguese and a little bit of Spanish.

Stay well my anonymous internet colleague, and take it easy you are an amazing person for sure 🙂